Like its commercial quality cousins in the restaurant business, the IceBoss Pro stands above the rest in shining Stainless Steel.  The IceBoss Pro compliments your kitchen, office, mini-bars and more, featuring one-touch control buttons for simply operation.


This is our premium ice maker. Our IceBoss Pro quality portable ice machine beats nearly every other ice maker on the market in performance and price. The iceBoss makes 3 different ice cube sizes and up to 33lbs./day. Ideal for the kitchen, home bars, recreation rooms, boats or campers – just about anywhere ice is needed! In just a few short minutes you will have your first batch of ice.

Features and Functions

  • 3 ice cube size selections
  • Small and compact
  • Fast ice making
  • 2.2 lbs ice storage capacity
  • Dimensions: 15”H x 14.5”L x 11.75”W
  • Power 110-120V / 60Hz